Wednesday Oct 26th today and Copper hovering at 2.14 on the Comex market. The good news is it's up .045 from last week. The bad news is it's just as likely to lose the gains next week. There is no rhyme or reason anymore as to why copper jumps. Seems like one guy says something in passing about copper and the market goes nuts. Aluminums are up just a touch and Stainless seems to be holding at a decent price (although nowhere near what it once was). Steel is still in the gutter, yet cost of produced steel keeps rising. Serious profit taking or ancillary costs rising? Who knows, for now cardboard has more value per pound than steel...

In other news

I voted early last week. It took me longer to finish this ballot than any other one I have done in my life. I hope I made the right choices  but at the end of the day whoever wins is in for a 4 year shit show and I don't envy them. If you feel helpless or distraught at who wins just remember that all politics is local. Get more involved in your community and make a difference there. We can't control what our Federal overlords do on our behalf but we can make real and significant changes in our local communities, which will filter up to the bigger govts.

Whatever happens, we will continue to buy your scrap metals at competitive prices, and hopefully brighten your day a bit. Peace to all in the next few weeks and try to remember on Nov 9th we are still all a part of this wonderful experiment called America. Let's start the healing.


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