I heard an interesting point on politics yesterday, worth repeating. Much like our sports teams, we are conditioned to "hate" the other side during campaigns. We are given as much negative info as possible to make "our guy" look better and sway our opinion. But this way of campaigning is exactly why we are so fractured as a nation. At the end of the campaign we are told, or tell others, to heal and come back together. But why do our elected officials feel the need to destroy the other side so thoroughly that we have a hard time getting back to normal. If we wish to become more civil and avoid these scorched earth campaigns we must not fall prey to the rhetoric and instead demand that our politicians tell us why we SHOULD vote for them, not why we shouldn't vote for the other person. Only then will politics become a positive influence in our lives.
Jerry Maguire out..


In other news Copper is up big. Let's hope it continues to recover at a fast pace.