Watching the debate last night was a monumental task. The two candidates our country has picked have left all of us wondering where in the hell this country is headed. I wasn't planning on watching it as I felt it would be sh*t show on the highest level and I was correct. It truly boggles the mind that these two are the best that we can find in a nation of so many good and decent people. No matter who wins we all lose so I plan on spending the next four years with my head down concentrating on what I can do to improve my own life and the lives of my employees and clients. Hopefully in four years someone will appear to bring back some decency and class to our political system.

On a more positive note copper finally broke through the 2.20 mark. Steel is still at garbage levels.

Good luck to all of us no matter who wins. Just remember to vote and pay attention to the stuff that matters, locally. Hug your kids, be friendly to all you encounter and for pete's sake, bring me your scrap!


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