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RZR Recycling Blog - Rantings, Ravings, and other Ruminations on the world of Scrap Metals. - Scrap Metal
RZR Recycling Blog Rantings, Ravings, and other Ruminations on the world of Scrap Metals.

It's been a while

Running a business is hard. Running a business and trying to stay relevant on social media and other outlets is harder. So that's my excuse for my severe lack of blogging for the last year or so.. 

Markets are spooked due to the trade war and are showing signs of distress. Copper has lost 3% of its' value in the last 2 weeks, aluminums are sliding and steel is downright terrible. Going into our busy season I am not thrilled with pricing but material must be bought and sold anyway. Eventually the markets will turn and scrapping will be more profitable. 

Next blog I'll try to think of something more interesting to write about. Until then, keep scrapping and help the world not become an unlivable fiery inferno. Maybe carpool too if you can. 


Some interesting articles I have been reading

Hello again, as usual I wait months in between blog posts.  I'm actually going to be a bit lazy today and post a few articles from people I follow daily. You will get some excellent information and hopefully some understanding of where the markets are at and what they are doing!


This one is about the dollar valuation, a very important factor in scrap pricing. As the dollar strengthens our export material becomes more expensive and foreign markets don't like to buy our stuff.. A weak dollar is very good for our commodities. So take a look and gain some knowledge!

Will RZR Recycling

New Year, New me! Just kidding, I like me the way I am

Hello and happy 2018!

So I had a new client come in yesterday and he mentioned my blog as one of the reasons he decided to come to the yard. This of course made me realize how long it's been since I actually bothered to write something...So here I am today, attempting to put words to screen in a vain attempt to get more of you to come to my yard and scrap your metals with me! Did it work? But that's ok, at some point you will stop by and honor me with your scrap metal and trust in my business values :). 

So what has happened in the world of scrap since my last post? To start, China decided to stop being the World's garbage taker and upset the scrap markets a bit. Without warning, they instigated a ban on 25 different categories of scrap material due to the amount of non recyclable content on them. Things like insulated wire, electric motors, sealed units and other items that tend to have a lot of byproducts to them are being phased out of processing plants. It isn't 100% yet but it has already shook the market up and will continue to do so as time goes on. 

Copper is healthy but not spectacular. It's been relatively steady though and that's a good thing for pricing since we aren't seeing wild fluctuations and having to change the values every day. Aluminum has shown signs of life as well in most categories, not blowing up in price but not sinking either. Smooth and steady I like to say. Of course as I write this I'm getting news of profit taking and a stronger dollar, both of which will affect pricing a bit. But everything I have read to date shows a strong market in 2018, which should translate to stronger pricing on copper and steel. I'll keep you updated via my RZR Recycling Facebook( page as things develop. 

In local news, the weather has been entirely too nice and the AC unit scrap is down considerably from last year. This is bad since I need constant material to keep right side up, but good because we can catch up on last summer's inventory of units that need processing. I actually expect my yard to be close to empty by March, perfect timing as the summer will once again be upon us and I will need every inch for stacking units. But please, don't think I don't want your material, bring it in as often as you can. My employees still need to eat ( I'm good, could use a few skipped meals to be honest) and rent always comes due! 

Anyways, feels good to get some ideas down on here, i'll make a greater effort to post more this year. A little feedback would be good, so I don't think I'm writing this for myself and the one gentleman who mentioned it to me yesterday( first mention ever) you know? 

Thanks for reading and keep on scrapping! I appreciate it as does the world's climate!

Best regards,


some info on Copper

took this blurb from Ivan Martchev in an article on Seeking Alpha (, a great resource for financial information.. Take it with a grain of salt as many other articles I have read have the opposite conclusion. Original article can be found here:

Mind Dr. Copper

The surprising Republican victory created a "Trumpnado" in more than one market, from bonds to stocks to currencies to commodities. But one market where the Trumpnado is just a short squeeze is in copper.


The reason is that the Trumpnado was supposed to be driven by expected Trump policies that would affect the demand for commodities, driving up demand for capital and maybe creating higher inflation. I have not heard a thing along these lines coming out of the upcoming Trump administration, or the President-elect's infamous Twitter account, that is anything but bearish for copper, which is why I think the short squeeze in copper may fizzle out and we will make new lows in the commodity market.


The reason is, you guessed it, China. As the #1 consumer of copper, China is mired in a deflating credit bubble exacerbated by a verbal war with the President-elect over a possible trade war. If there is no trade war with China, which I hope will be the case, I think the price of copper will decline based just on the deflating credit bubble in the Chinese economy. If there is a trade war, the price of copper will decline faster.

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